Fastbet is now available!

You can now place your bets right from your seat on your Smartphone!

FastBet Mobile is free to use, simply connect to our Public Wifi aRestYourFeetnd visit

Using FastBet Mobile is quick and easy, no more waiting in long lines, you are free to wager right from your seat. You can continue enjoying a great evening out at the races without the hassle of getting in line to wager.

There are only five quick steps to follow in order to get started:

  1. Connect to Rideau Carleton’s Wi-Fi at Public Wi-Fi
  2. Visit
  3. Login using your existing account number.
    Account Number: 952 + Your Card Number
    PIN: 1234
  4. Fund your account by visiting any of our self-service terminals
  5. Begin wagering from your seat!



How much does it cost to sign up for FastBet Mobile?
Nothing! FastBet Mobile is free to use.

Is FastBet Mobile secure?
Yes. All data is encrypted and secure while you are logged into FastBet Mobile.

Do I have to install something on my SmartPhone or Tablet to get started with FastBet Mobile?
No, you just need an iPhone, iPad or Android device that is able to connect to the track’s wireless network.

Can I use FastBet Mobile outside of the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre?
No. This service uses the track’s Wi-Fi network, and only works inside the Rideau Carleton Entertainment Centre.

How do I track the wagers I have made with FastBet Mobile?

FastBet Mobile keeps track of your wagers throughout the day. Click on the drop down menu and select History to view your past wagers and running total.