Supplication In Islam: How to Live Your Life in This World the Islamic Way

Dear Teenager,

You are presently in the prime of your lives! Here are a couple of tips for you muslim adolescents out there! This is the time of effort and this is the time of love, and this is the time of Daw’ah, and this is the time of development and movement! In this way, it has arrived to turn towards Islam, learn it, execute it and call to it. Information, activity and spread! On the off chance that this possibility passes you, it is a brilliant open door that can never be rehashed. How copious is the leisure time during school days, and how magnificent are the school days for turning towards Allah, and how superb are the school days for love, and how awesome are the school days for Daw’ah to your partners and companions, those you know and don’t have the foggiest idea!

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It is simple for you to learn, to act, and to educate. On the off chance that you don’t do this inside this period, you have let an open door pass you by that will never show itself again. Time isn’t replaceable. You may never again encounter a period wherein you have this measure of leisure time, so exploit it! Be careful with having unremitting أذكار المسلم expectations and following your wants! Unending expectations burn through your time, and following your wants undermines your heart. Peruse the respectable Quran ordinarily, in any event a large portion of a juz with the goal that you could finish the whole Quran like clockwork, at any rate! Additionally, be consistent with the recognition and requests of the morning and night. Look for Allah’s pardoning everyday. You will be gotten some information about each second of your life on the Day of Resurrection!

Exploit your childhood, since you are today ready to perform discretionary diets, and tomorrow, when you are moving toward mature age, and you should feed and feed your bones and tissue, you won’t have the option to withstand the agonies of fasting. At this moment, you are an adolescent who can get up and supplicate in the night, keeping awake in the bowings and surrenders that you can present to the Lord of the Worlds to tolerate observer for you, or to one day stay with you in the dejection of your grave. Today, you are in the early long periods of your life, the long periods of your childhood. The hour of, O siblings, is the hour of battle. It is the time wherein you should strive and forfeit! It is the time where you are not secured with numerous obligations, as you are separated from everyone else.

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